Principles of RADIO DERM RF

Radio frequency currents have very short oscillation when passing through human body, which causes ion to move very little and makes heat without any electrochemical responses. This is called “deep heat”

When RF electrical energy is applied to it, the molecules which comprise the tissues of the body start to move and make frictions with another every time the direction of its current changes. That’s why the human body makes heat  through the movement, twist and collision.

Unlike other forms of frequency currents, this RF doesn’t stimulate sensory nerves and it doesn’t make you feel uncomfortable, either. Besides, it causes your muscles not to shrink. It just applies heat to particular parts  in the tissues of the body.

Effects of RF treatment

Enhance the tissues in the body – Anti-aging

Facilitate lymph and blood circulation and improve metabolism

Improve defense mechanism in the body  - Anti- stress

Activate skin cells – improve wrinkles, resilience and restoration

Relax muscles and reduce pains


Reduce chronic inflammation and disinfect the skin

Remove active oxygen and control hormone balance

Make your body slim thought natural burning of fatty tissues