Make your body slim thought natural burning of fatty tissues

 Lipo cavitation uses an ultrasound to break down fat cells and reduce cellulite; the fat eliminated througt the body's natural metabolic pathways.  Followed by Radio Frequency System  that  used to tighten  the skin 

The 30 min treatments are recomended for the belly, thights, hips, upper arms, back, and chin  and while some people see immediate results, most need multiple treatments               (See RadioFrequency page)

 The spa suggests adding a lymphatic-drainage massage

 Or  Euro body shaper   for faster results.        

  The best results ocur when it is used together with               Z-Ion  detox system.  It will immiditely remowe "melted" fat  from your body     (See  the Z-Ion detox page)

Bring your most tight pants to see and feel the difference